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Gut Feelings

Instinct. It's something we all can relate to and we all know this word. We often associate it with animals. The animal instinct. The way animals do things is through some kind of instinct. But what is this? What is instinct?

Could it be that it is an energy that we all feel? Something within us that we, all living things, and maybe even crystals(!], access and process in some way that has not been put into words for mankind yet at this time.

I feel at the root of instinct or gut feeling is, indeed, our intuition. How does intuition work with instinct? I think it has to do with energy. I guess that's my broad term, if you've been listening to the Podcast, that we use for magic, psychic, etc and follows under the topics of metaphysics for the most part. I love to hear about different perspectives from you all as to how you perceive energy and gut reactions, how your instincts work for you.

I will write more about instincts, but for now, give some thought, write some words or memories down where you can pinpoint when you had no reason except instinct to make a choice.

Thank you for visiting the blog.

Lisa Rusczyk

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