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More Thoughts on Luck

Misty and I recently recorded a podcast about luck, and I forgot to discuss Beginner's Luck!

As long as I can remember, when I do something for the first time, it works correctly or I do it exactly the way I'm supposed to do it. After that, I start like any beginner.

Reflecting back on the podcast, Luck!, Misty said she believes that luck is all in our heads. I had a whisper in my own head saying, there's an example here, but where is it?

It is that strange thing, Beginner's Luck. Before I even knew what beginner's luck was, I had it, so how could I make it up?

A tip for you that I left out of the podcast - You can also get a whole nutmeg or a Buckeye and carry that in your wallet or purse. With a Buckeye, wrap a dollar bill around it and it's supposed to be really lucky for gambling!

Thank you for reading, and have a lucky day.

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