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Su Maya's Podcast...

Misty and I recently interviewed Su Maya in a podcast so wondrous I couldn't think of a title for it!

Su discussed so many fantastic topics with us, but my favorite was when she talked about auras and colors she sees. She allowed me to try it out on her: to see if I could see colors, which I don't, usually.

I could see a white sphere with purple around the edges, or more of an Indigo. At the edges of the Indigo was more white. And at the very tips of the white was ultra Violet. She let me know during the Podcast what that meant. Misty also saw a color. She saw blue.

Su said she expected one of us to see blue because most people see her turquoise throat chakra. She explained that she expresses herself so much in all kinds of ways, so this is a common thing to see in her aura.

How do we see these things? For me, it is in my mind's eye, as though superimposed over reality in my head.

If you see auras or colors, how do you experience this?

Thank you for visiting the blog and have a great, colorful day!

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