Interpreting Your Own Dreams

I love to interpret dreams. Last night, I dreamed I gave birth to a chocolate chip cookie dough kitten and then ate it. I felt so bad afterward and missed my "baby."

When we dream, I believe our minds are making sense of how our subconsciouses process our lives and feelings. We can look at things in our dreams and consider what they mean to us in everyday life, and then apply the symbol to our emotions and what's going on in our lives.

So, I love cats and kittens, I don't want to have any children of my own, and who can resist a bite of cookie dough! But I had to ask myself why I felt so terrible afterward. I hate thinking of anything bad happening to cats, yet I was the one to eat it, and it was my very own baby.

I interpret this as how I often do things impulsively because I think it's a good idea at the time, and it makes me happy. But then later, I feel terribly guilty if others tell me I'm acting irrationally. Eating your babies is irrational!

Try reading your dreams based on your own feelings of the imagery and emotions you have in the dreams.

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