What is the thing with the cats??

This Tarot deck is the cats! The cats know everything. This is a picture of a usual Celtic cross spread, and my most used spread. 

My best friend gave me the cats deck as a Christmas present, even though I'd always been happy with my Osho Zen deck. She said, "I just had a feeling this is your deck!"

She was right. 

So, yes, I adore, admire, love, appreciate, and want to be cat. 

This cat is Morgana, formally known as Princess Morgana. She passed away on winter solstice, and she told me that night that she was no longer the princess, but rather she'd become The Empress. 

When my bestie soul sister gave me the cats, I realized why she was the Empress. Another day, I might go into why exactly, but this Empress card from the cats deck hit me, and I knew Morgana is the guide of the deck.

Since she began assisting with readings, Morgana can help me get in touch with cats and other pets, animals, in spirit or in life, to find out what they want to tell us. 

I've always loved cats, and to have my Empress around all the time in cat ghost form is one of the best things and mysteries in my life. 

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