I do crystal readings and love, love, love gems and minerals and rocks. Azurite is a beautiful and wonderful Stone. I just got my first one, pictured with the card, and man, does she Sparkle. Azurite is a wonderful stone for Healers. In a reading, it often means that progress is going to happen really fast, that problems will be worked out quickly. Azurite moves things along. It is also a very intuitive Stone, and can bring your intuition into your consciousness, allowing you to communicate exactly what you want and need to whomever you need to communicate it to. This is a blue stone, and they are usually calming, but Azurite is dynamic... I think it's the sparkles! 

With a crystal reading, wherever the Azurite falls on a reading board, it means this area in your life will be moving fast, fixed fast if there's a problem, or, say, it lands in your career area. In that case, for example, it could mean that you are about to get a promotion or your business is about to really pick up. It works in your favor at all times.

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