Card of the day, death cat

As some of you may know, there has been an eclipse cycle for 2 years. Today, in astrology, well, it's a big day. I'm not an astrologer, but I have seen so many people lately who are in Desperate situations. They are dealing with the biggest issues of their lives.

Because Uranus is involved in this lunar eclipse today, expect the unexpected, and there are many other astrological aspects included with this eclipse. They are all scary at first glance yes, but this eclipse is about transformation, ending something that serves you no more, loss, renewal, rebirth, actualization.

While today is going to be a challenge for many people, the end result, after time passes, you will see the benefits of what chaos may bring today.

Best of luck to us all, and if you don't go into hiding, rise up to your challenges. You will evolve as you should, and you will have such an understanding of yourself after that you will see you too are unique, special, strong.

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