So, How Are You?

If you've found yourself on the We're All Psychic Blog, you might be, at this moment while reading these words, still trying to figure out how to answer that title both appropriately and accurately in a nook of your imagination.

I'm still in the process of working on the site, forum, podcast, good times, and accepting kitty-kisses interruptions that stop any possible progress.

As it should be!

I hope to write about Podcast news, website updates, etc, but mainly, I plan to make this a metaphysical blog. If you're a metaphysical writer or would like to submit a blog post for consideration, I'd love to hear from you.

The picture, Walk of Whimsey, is a piece my husband Mikie made years ago. I've always loved it. Sometimes, when the right song comes on or something nips me in the fun bone, I'll half-walk, half-dance and feel like I'm in this painting.

And I hope you are well!

Thanks for visiting.

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